Hello, world!

Soooo I’ve finally gotten around to blogging.

About a month ago, I was selected to participate in the Outreach Program for Women as an intern at GNOME (yay!). My project is on Usability Testing. I’m really excited about working on it – usability testing has applications in every application, and beyond! The coming months will see me taking baby steps into the world of free and open source software. :-)

One of the requirements for this internship is to blog about my project regularly. I’m a bit hesitant, seeing as I have never blogged before – but I guess it’ll be just one more in a long line of firsts in OPW! :-D This blog will be regularly updated with my progress on the project. By the way, Jim, my mentor for this project also blogs about Open Source Software and Usability. Check it out!

I also work on Project Mudra, an initiative to promote Braille Literacy. You can read more about it here or here. This blog will also have occasional updates about Project Mudra. Our facebook page is usually up-to-date. Comments and suggestions welcome. :-)

I may also write the occasional opinion piece on an issue I feel strongly about. Like why I feel cutlery is overrated or what I think the real problem with barbie is (hint: it’s much broader(!) than just her measurements).

Oh, and I’m an avid foodie too. :-D So you can expect passionate posts about a delectable tandoori chicken or that corner shop that sells the yummiest sandwiches!

That’s all for now. Hello blogging world! :-)