GNOME Usability Test: Scenario Tasks (Part 2)

A usability test consists of “scenario tasks” that the tester has to complete (read more about scenarios and scenario tasks here). For my usability test of GNOME, I selected four applications – Gedit, Notes, Music and Photos. The scenario tasks for Gedit and Notes are the same as in Jim Hall’s UT, and you can view them in Part 1.

The scenario tasks for Music are:

  1. You want to add songs to the dance playlist for Jeff’s surprise party. The Music application has been opened for you. Add the following songs to the Party playlist:
  • Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia
  • Rhythm Divine – Enrique Iglesias
  1. You decide to add an entire album of tracks to the Party playlist – the soundtrack of the movie you recently watched with Jeff and Mark.

Add the album Happy New Year (2014)  to the Party playlist.

  1. You remember that you have a Michael Jackson song somewhere on your computer, but you don’t remember which one. Look for a song by Michael Jackson and add it to your Party playlist.
  1. You think the playlist has become too long. Delete Wake Me Up by Avicii from the Party playlist.

Jim pointed out an important aspect of conducting a realistic usability test: “… you pre-populate the Music program with a bunch of tracks. Don’t forget to make it look realistic, and include lots of other tracks than the ones you use in your usability test. I call this a “forest.” Don’t make it too large, but there should be enough tracks that your testers will have to look for the track they want.”

The scenario tasks for Photos include setting up an online account to sync with Photos – a typical way of using photo management applications when so many photos are uploaded on social media. Following is the list of scenario tasks for Photos:

  1. You want to make a dessert photos calendar for 2015, so you want to select twelve photos from your Facebook album. Add your Facebook account from the Settings app. [Credentials are provided to testers]

The Settings app has been started for you.

  1. Now open Photos. Choose the banana split and choco truffle photos, and put them in a new album. Name the new album Delectable Desserts 2015.
  1. Select 10 other dessert photos of your choice, and put them in your newly created album, Delectable Desserts 2015 to make up a total of 12 photos.
  1. You like a photo so much that you want to use it as your computer wallpaper image. Find the banana split photo from the Delectable Desserts 2015 album, and set it as your wallpaper.
  1. You would like to find the choco truffle photo easily next time for your next wallpaper change – mark it as one of your best-liked photos.

I shall be posting my takeaways from the Usability Tests soon! :-)


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